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This basic tool allows users to quickly generate proper TEI XML code for two texts recorded in parallel segmentation. In its current form, it presumes the source texts are poetry, whose largest block unit is the line (<l>). Type text into the "Primary Text" and "Secondary Text" boxes, and then press enter or click "Generate Code" to create comparisons of the two witnesses. If the witnesses share a piece of text, simply record the shared text in the "Primary Text" box and press enter or "Generate Code" to create free-floating text. Pressing enter or "Generate Code" when both boxes are empty will create an end line and start line (</l> and <l>). Code is generated at current cursor position in the large text box. You can click the em dash and "Right Quote" buttons to create corresponding entity references.

This tool can be downloaded and easily modified to allow for additional texts, to change the default block unit of lines into paragraphs, to add additional entity references, etc. Uses jquery and rangyinputs (

Primary Text:
Secondary Text:

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